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Instant Google Search

Have you recently noticed that when you type a search term into Google, it automatically starts populating results without you pressing “enter” or hitting the “search” button? Of course you have. Well welcome to Google Instant, the latest installment of Google tools. Google states their key technical insight was simply, people read faster than...
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Before you go texting this to your BFF or looking for it on the radio dial, you should know that WOFF actually stands for Web Open Font Format, a new standard in web typography recently backed by the W3C and published on their Standards Track. “As a key Web font standard developed by...
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Website Standards & Compliance

The Biggest Little Secret in Web Development… Have You Heard? Recently, we concluded our series “7 Days to Windows 7” which featured seven daily posts about what consumers and businesses could expect with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.  This successful series met with great enthusiasm from our clients and the public...
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