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This Privacy Policy applies only to and, owned and operated by NetPass, LLC herein referred to as “NetPass.” NetPass officers, directors, employees, contractors and subcontractors are required to honor this policy.

This policy is not intended to govern any existing or future web sites and/or services operated by third parties or companies who utilize NetPass products and services. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of those websites to learn how they collect, protect and use information about you collected on their websites.


Some Basic Terms We Use in this Privacy Policy

Personal Information is any information that identifies you with the exception of professional information such as your business address, business telephone and facsimile numbers and business e-mail address. It may also include your credit card number.


Cookies are small text files containing unique identification numbers that your web browser software transfers from our web site to your computer when you visit our site. NetPass occasionally uses cookies to help us recognize your browser, make it easier for you to use our site and to help us customize your overall experience. Our use of cookies is described in more detail herein.

A Corporate Affiliate is an entity owned by or under common ownership with NetPass. NetPass’ corporate affiliates include One Stop Travel, LLC and One Stop Incentives, LLC.

A Business Partner is an entity with which NetPass has an ongoing business relationship to provide data analysis, to assist in developing our website or to provide marketing services or specialized products or services or information to visitors to our site.


A Sales Affiliate is a person, company or organization that has joined NetPass’ Affiliate Program.

Aggregrate is to bring together; to collect into a mass or sum. For our purposes, we may collect visitation trends and other data in aggregate deemed necessary to help us enhance visitor experiences while at our site(s) and better serve our clients overall. This aggregated data is analyzed in whole, so your individual information is never included as part of the analysis process.


NetPass understands your personal information is valuable and do everything possible to ensure the information you provide us is collected and stored securely. NetPass never sells or distributes personal information to third parties unaffiliated with our firm without your expressed written consent.

The Personal Information We Collect, How it is Gathered and Used

Certain information about you and/or your company is required if you choose to request information from our site including, but not necessarily limited to, your first and last name, mailing address, telephone number (used to follow up on information requests and, when products or services are ordered, to contact you regarding order issues), e-mail address (for order confirmation and, if opted, ongoing NetPass announcements, and, if purchasing products or services from our site, credit card information.

All of these services are optional; if you do not wish to provide Personal Information, you may simply decline to take advantage of that service.

Personal Information is collected in the following ways:

  • Information Requests – To process information requests.
  • Online Product or Service Purchases – To successfully process your order, to contact you regarding your order, and/or to answer any questions/concerns you might have expressed during the order process.
  • Surveys & Opinion Polls – On occasion, NetPass may conduct voluntary surveys and/or opinion polls through its website or directly through e-mails. At any time, you may discontinue receipt of e-mail notifications and solicitations from NetPass by opting-out through our Account Unsubscribe Center. Information collected by NetPass through surveys and opinion polls are aggregated and used to better serve our clients by helping us determine our clients’ online services needs, improve client care and support, and/or enhance a users experience at this site. In many cases, NetPass does not require background information to participate in a survey or opinion poll. However, on occasion, certain information may be requested such as title, age, gender, business size, approximate annual income (company), location, and online services most frequently used. All information, business or personal, is used for internal purposes only and is never sold or distributed to third parties other than Business Partners and/or Sales Affiliates in accordance with this policy.
  • Career Opportunities – We may ask for only the Personal Information necessary for you to apply for employment with our firm. Personal Information submitted as part of a job application or in a résumé sent via e-mail is not stored online and is shared only with persons involved in the hiring process at NetPass,
  • its Business Partners and/or Sales Affiliate’s , if you have applied for a job with an affiliated entity.

Disclosure Under Legal Duty

If compelled to do so by valid subpoena or court order or other governmental process, we may disclose your personal information as we are legally required to do. We may also use or disclose your personal information if necessary to protect the interests of NetPass and/or its Corporate Affiliates.

How You Can Control the Use of Your Personal Information

If you would like to change your personal information in our records or remove your name from our list or from lists we share with others in accordance with this policy/statement, contact us using one of the methods as follows: e-mail us at, and include your name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and a note of instruction; or call us toll free at 1-888-296-7277. You may also write us at: NetPass, LLC, Attention: Privacy Department, 7075 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 9, Orlando, Florida 32819. In order for us to successfully process your request, please include your name, address, telephone number, and a note of instruction.

There are known methods that spammers can use to hide their identity by using other people’s e-mail addresses to send out e-mails that may appear to be authentic. If you have a question about the authenticity of an e-mail you receive from NetPass, simply contact e-mail address.

How You Can Control e-mail Marketing You Receive From Us

You may cancel e-mail announcements and notifications from NetPass at any time by visiting our online Account Unsubscribe Center and entering your e-mail address as instructed. Our Account Unsubscribe Center is available ONLY to allow you to unsubscribe from the NetPass list and is never used merely to validate an e-mail address for further use. Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive announcements and notifications by e-mail from our firm.

Our Use of Cookies

We may collect information on site visits including how users navigate through our web site through the use of “cookie” technology. This technology allows us to track which pages on our site our visitors view and which web browsers they use. We analyze this information in aggregate. We then use this information to improve our site by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our users. On occasion, we may share this aggregate information with our affiliates or other third party companies to indicate to them the amount of interest in our site and to help us plan for technical improvements.

Further, We use cookies to help us understand our web site traffic patterns to determine our visitors’ interests and needs. This helps us identify ways to improve our site by adding products and services that visitors have indicated by their preferences will benefit them. These cookies identify your computer and not your e-mail address.

Further, We use cookies to help us understand our web site traffic patterns to determine our visitors’ interests and needs. This helps us identify ways to improve our site by adding products and services that visitors have indicated by their preferences will benefit them. These cookies identify your computer and not your e-mail address.

If you would like more information about how cookies work, go to

E-Mail Abuse

There are many unscrupulous individuals operating on the internet today who would think nothing of fabricating an e-mail to make it appear that it comes from NetPass. These individuals may be engaging in a practice known as “phishing” in which they attempt to trick unwary recipients of e-mail into divulging Personal Information. NetPass will NEVER request Personal Information in an unsolicited e-mail message to you.

If you have any question about the authenticity of an e-mail you receive that appears to be from NetPass, please do not provide Personal Information requested and contact us immediately at .

Miscellaneous Things You Should Know

Our Policies Regarding Children under Age 18

Because we require paper or electronic contracts to purchase NetPass products and services, we do not sell to children under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not submit any information without the express consent and participation of a parent or guardian. We will not knowingly collect Personal Information about any person under 18 years of age. If you believe that we have information from or about anyone under 18 years of age, please notify us by e-mail at: or call us toll free at: 1-888.296.7277.

Links to Other Websites

We provide links to affiliated entities and on occasion to other sites we think you may enjoy. These sites operate independently of NetPass. For the best online experience, we encourage you to review any policies detailed on their site(s) before submitting any Personal Information

Consent to Transfer

This web site is operated in the United States. Please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to the United States. By using this web site and/or providing us with your Personal Information through this web site, you consent to this transfer.

Updates to this Policy

We reserve the right to make changes at any time to our policies and/or alter the look and functionality of our web site. However, if we change how we use your Personal Information, wwill post the policy change notification on the website and we will update this policy accordingly. We encourage you to periodically review this Statement for the latest information on our privacy policies.

This current Policy was last updated June, 2008.

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