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The Biggest Little Secret in Web Development… Have You Heard?

Recently, we concluded our series “7 Days to Windows 7” which featured seven daily posts about what consumers and businesses could expect with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.  This successful series met with great enthusiasm from our clients and the public in general and we continue to compile your experiences for a forthcoming NetPass blog topic entitled “Windows 7: The First Thirty Days” scheduled for post on or about December 5, 2009.

As we review your ongoing submissions, another common theme has come to light.  It seems that while the majority of you still use Internet Explorer (and Safari for Mac users) as your primary browser application for surfing the web, quite a few have begun exploring other browser options such as Firefox and Chrome (by Google).

What many don’t know is websites and web applications can look and function differently from one browser to another which may impact a visitors experience and often times can determine how long they stay and whether or not they respond to your site’s call to

For many years, our firm has developed websites and web applications to look and act consistently across the primary (and many secondary) browser spectrum. This is extremely important, now more than ever, to ANYONE with a website and/or web application(s).  With this, we are pleased to announce that in the coming days, our firm will begin an extended blog series that deals specifically with development standards and compliance giving our readers an inside look at the what, why and how strict development protocols and site code optimization impact page views, time on site, return visits, search engine marketing, and more.

So stay tuned right here at for further notice on this exciting new series.  And don’t forget to visit ongoing for news related to this and other important NetPass web design, development, programming, e-commerce, multimedia, hosting and SEO/SEM service and product options.

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