Microsoft releases temporary fix for browser vulnerability

Recently, a security flaw within the Windows operating system was revealed that, in combination with the use of Internet Explorer, may leave systems vulnerable to browser session hijacking and the exploitation of private data, unprovoked URL redirects, and other uncontrolled actions by unauthorized third parties.

While no long-term solution has been announced, Microsoft has created a temporary fix which can be downloaded from the Microsoft site.  If you are a Windows user, please use the following URL to learn more and obtain the fix.

As always, we recommend you type this URL directly into your browser.  We also highly recommend you apply any security updates available through Microsoft Windows Update.  This should be done as often as updates are available to ensure you’re best protected from potential threats.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact a NetPass IT Specialist at 888.296.7277 or e-mail with your inquiries.

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